Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enter Pattaya with me

One town which is so vibrant, so lively and close to Bangkok city is none other than PATTAYA !!

Only just a nap could bring you from Bangkok to Pattaya. It is the nap that could give you an experience to tell anybody you have ever been to Pattaya.

We checked in one of the hotels on beach road (Soi 7 - Sunbeam hotel). But you will get many hotels here according to your budget.
We were welcomed in Pattaya with light showers, very common in this part of the world with tropical climate. As soon as we checked in late afternoon.
I was off to the beach which was just walking distance from the hotel. (Don't be amazed to find people from different continents as the place is melting pot of different cultures.)

For Indians looking for Punjabi / North Indian food, there is small eatery run by Punjabi family.
or for more exotic Indian food, you can try AHAAR (soi post office) run by Marwari with Nepalese wife. Food here is mouth watering, finger licking with options of Veg & Non Veg served with chilled beer (Singha my favorite).

We sat with him for a quick chat while our food was being prepared by chefs imported from India, found this man was ex-Citi Banker from Newyork, visited Pattaya in 80' and fell in love, quit job to serve most delicious Indian food in this part of the world.

Evening in Pattaya is unique, city lit up in dark sky. Beach road full of night hawkers, malls full of tourists. Best time to walk the entire stretch of Beach road is after 6pm.

The end of Beach road is where the action starts, WALKING STREET - street where even bicycles cannot enter, you just walk & walk.
Its the world famous street since late 70's which put Pattaya on world map. Its littered on both sides with open bars, go-go bars, clubs & restaurants which are open till wee hours.
Music -beer - food- girls - tourists = Walking street
Victor and I walking on the street only to be amazed to see some Indian couples enjoying and amazed that they actually walking in so called RED LIGHT AREA which even I wouldn't dare to do in any part of India... Lol
One Indian couple really amazed me because husband & wife holding hands and walking in the street with hubby enjoying the girls doing pole dance outside the pubs and wife looking at passerby to make sure she doesn't bump into Indian face. !!!! njoy people we will not complain to your mom-in-law ...hahaha

Pattaya has loads to offer - world famous ALCAZAR cabaret show, which was our next destination. amazed to see transgender running the show for last 3 decades !!!! and more amazing was the view of people flocking to click snaps with favorite stars at the end of the show.

The convenient way to travel in Pattaya is either by tuk-tuk, taxi but best is hire a mobike for 200 baht for 24hrs. two people can travel as much, where ever and no traffic police to stop you if you don't break signals.
Next day we booked a tour for Coral Islands - must visit in Pattaya.
Pick up was at sharp 8AM. On jetty meeting point we were informed about do's n don'ts in high sea, on beach.
you will have options for deep sea coral watching (must for non swimmers like me as you have instructors taking you on seabed to watch corals.) Another must sports on the way was para sailing in high sea. It was my first and most amazing experience of life time !!!!
We reached Coral islands at time of lunch, after quick lunch (vegges have real problems if you don't inform tour operator well in advance. My friend Victor relied on potato chips for entire afternoon.) we were off to beach for sunbath and relax in ocean waters with singha making you feel relaxed in hot summer afternoon.

Another must see attraction in Pattaya is mini world or mini Siam. Amazing to find world heritage sites miniature replicas, meticulously made with perfection.
Nong Nooch Tropical gardens
Pattaya Elephant village
The Million year stone park and crocodile farm.
Ripley's believe it or not 

Its just amazing to see city which has been developed solely for tourist and new attractions added every year for the tourist to have interest in revisiting Pattaya.

We also planned to go to Cambodia - Siam reap, for visit to Angkor Vat - Lost Mecca for Hindus , only temple of lord Vishnu outside India, built more than a century ago. The magnificence and grandeur of the place is indescribable. One of UNESCO heritage site in the world and 8hour drive from Pattaya.Time constraint and border disputes between Thailand and Cambodia stopped us but surely not for ever.One day, I plan to visit this last bastion of God Vishnu before it disappears in oblivion.

Off to Bangkok to write another experience .... keep reading

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