Saturday, September 3, 2011

Accompany me to Chinatown & Putrajaya, Cyberjaya

Month of December, one of my schoolmate or I should say Kindergarten mate Shriks was planning trip to South East Asia during coming summer holidays from July-August in UK. And since Thailand was going to be part of his tour, I gave him some inputs from my previous visits, On other hand I had been planning Malaysia since quite sometime and as Shriks informed that he was also planning Malaysia and Singapore so here it was !!! . Malaysia Trip .We decided to meet in Kuala lumpur and planned our itinerary and confirmed our hotel bookings for our visit across west Malaysia. We also invited another of our K.G mate Manu based in California but due his busy schedule he could not join us.

With Visa in place, I was ready for my vacation to Malaysia. Come August and I was onboard Air-Asia flight bound for Kuala Lumpur.  I waas travelling alone from Mumbai and with slight change in plan, Shriks decided to meet me directly in Genting first and then come with me to KL later.

My flight journey was quiet boring I would say with nothing much to do in 5hours except one Carlsberg beer which I had on the flight. Air hostess were also not so glamorous either ... Lol
"Like I was to get Miss Universe or Miss world serving me on my flight". (Low cost airlines so low wages !! Lol).
I was hoping to click some pics of twin towers from the flight as I was to reach at 9pm KL time but later came to know that airport was 60minutes ride from main city.

Coming out of airport with my luggage was like going on walk in the evening with one hand luggage and one checking bag.!!!!! phew.  I boarded skybus to KL Sentral station, best thing about Air-Asia is they provide bus booking along with flight booking for two destination in city, 1Utama bus station and KL sentral. I selected KL sentral (as I was travelling alone and didn't want to take chances with Utama) and also it was one station from where you can not only reach various parts of city but also to Singapore in south and Thailand in North.
I took cab from Sentral to my hotel in China town only to find shops closed and roads deserted. I was really disappointed and started regretting my choice of hotel location. I was actually getting goose bumps on seeing deserted roads. WTF !!!!!
On checking with hotel manager, came to know that except certain popular areas which are open till wee hours,this city sleeps at 11pm unlike Thailand which wakes up at 11pm !!!!!!! Nothing much to do and tired with my journey, I had one odd pegs of JW which I was carrying from India and went off to sleep hoping that morning should be exciting.
Up at around 9ish in morning, I had plans to go to my office in Cyberjaya and also meet one of college buddy who was now working in IBM.
I had gujju breakfast in morning with mommy packing so many "theplas" that I could have it for breakfast, lunch & dinner for two days !!!

Day 1 in KL, I decided to check China town first before heading to Cyberjaya, Petaling street which is part of heritage buildings in KL has 100 year history  was right opposite my hotel, with bargain shops open, I was feeling relaxed as my trip would not be a waste.

I came across century old temple of Sri Mahamariamman with stalls selling garland offerings and diya offerings outside the temple. So start was really good !!!!   I got my first glimpse of Malaysian Ganpati Bappa in the temple. After performing puja for safe and sound journey ahead, I moved ahead.

Found one small eatery run by Tamil family serving meal for office goers, menu had some veg options as well, Jumping with joy and without second thought I decided to do my 'petpuja" now. Menu was rice, rasam, dal with floating curry leaves, egg curry, papaddam, spinach veggy all for 3RM. I actually felt urge of eating pan if I could get one as my tummy was too full.

I checked with locals and found bus available for KL sentral and then connecting trains for Putrajaya Cyberjaya. This is best part of Kuala Lumpur with transportation at its best. Information Kiosk and sign  boards guiding you everywhere. So had my first feel of KL with bus as well as KLIA express train travel, Putrajaya station was huge with information kiosk providing details about places of attraction and since I too had done bit of my homework, I hopped in taxi to Putra mosque, taxi driver hopeing to get more business from me, offered to take me to all places around Putrajaya for 2hours. so here I was on my way to Putra mosque, Selera putra lake with classic view of Seri wawasan bridge, Prime ministers residence, Putra Perdana garden, High court, Ministry of external affairs building. Everything here was grand be it roads or buildings or lakes or mosque. I was getting too delighted and best part was my Chinese taxi driver clicking pictures of me at all the places.

Late afternoon I caught bus U429 to Cyberjaya - Mecca of IT companies and so called intelligent city of Malaysia. Its city in city, Our Infinity park buildings and mindspace looks like miniature model when compared to Cyberjaya. Reaching IBM building was little tough but for guiding help from one IT student Hamid from Iran who guided me with proper directions. Reaching HP office was not tough as now had company of my friend. I had good chat with my friend as we accompanied by his friends sat at Kitchen Village - restaurant sipping cola, found the place full of gaming parlours and on enquiring my friend said the theme of prima avenue was WORK, EAT, PLAY !!! WoW. When are we going to do something similar in India !!!!
Kitchen Village - Cyberjaya

I caught direct bus from Cyberjaya to my hotel as it was already 7pm in evening. On reaching hotel found Chinatown in new looks with night market all litup in full bloom, Excited I got fresh and was off to Chinatown night markets.

Got some Ralph polo Tshirts for a bargain price which would surely make Ralph polo cry !!!!!!  Gucci, Jimmy Choo & other branded ladies bags were available at hunting price which would make your eyes and mouth wide open. Ladies are you listening !!!
China town in evening

Open restaurants flocked by tourist serving everything from Chinese, Malaysian, cuisine, chilled beer was welcome sight except for some places which were also serving fried bugs, ducks, coakroaches, lizards !!!! sure to make a Indian JAIN faint !!!!!
After some light dinner and walk around Chinatown, I reached hotel as had to reach Genting Highland next day to meet Shriks by afternoon, Genting Highland is approx 60minutes bus ride and then another 15minutes cable car ride from Kuala Lumpur city, So I bid goodnight to Chinatown hoping to come back again if time permits.

So here I am signing off my first leg of Kuala lumpur tour. Off to Genting Highland in next leg of my tour.

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