Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lets go outing to Riverside Farm - Vasind

In one of my previous trips, we had gone to Nilshi - unique, unknown and amazing place all courtesy our leader "uncle" Ghatak, so after few more months of hard work we team members decided to do barter system where in we up our performance for the team and in return "Ghatak uncle" would take us to one more exciting new place. So all agreed and as decided time came for us to get ready for our new trip which was at Riverside farm -  Vasind overlooking Bhatsa river owned by Wayne's family.

Summer months it was. We all team members with our backpacks boarded the local train early in the morning from Dadar on the way to Vasind close to Kalyan junction on central railway route. Vasind is not one of most crowded railway stations and quite like a village types stations akeen to some of the stations on central railway route. As planned, on reaching station we found Wayne waiting in his JEEP, He had come to pick us as his farm was at quite a distance and it passes through narrow Bhatsai village on the banks of Bhatsa river. We all cramped in his JEEP and not so accommodating heavy size people decided to take rickshaw. En route wayne asked to purchase bitings and drinks as per our choice as it will be difficult to get it once at the village and he doesn't keep much stock.

The farmhouse was quite elegantly built one story building with two rooms on ground floor and one dormitory equipped with bedding, a separate standalone kitchen and his family bungalow,huge lawn with swimming pool and Bhatsa river flowing adjoining the farm. He had kayak boat and all equipments for snorkeling at the river and air rifle for night hunting.  So it was gonna be fun, The best part was as informed by Wayne that he doesn't allow two different groups at one time so the whole place was going to ours for one night two days .... wow

As usual we had our in house DJ Ghatak and his equipments for our Long party. Our team at the outing also included our colleague and Ghatak uncles fiance and our to be aunt Yakhan with us, she took immediate charge of our breakfast as we were dead hungry again. Omelets, bread butter, poha flowed non stop of course it was made by cooks at the farm but she single handedly served and managed it all for 9 of us.

Now the party begin, all of us jumped in pool under the brazing hot sun, it was amazing cooling effect.  As it happens in all outings one or two members of our group turned mischievous and got the Kayak boat in the swimming pool. so now kayaking it was, in the pool !!!!!!
Georgy our over sized colleague got lil more adventurous and got in Kayak boat, in all the fun filled atmosphere he forgot his size was too large for the small mouth of Kayak boat and now others not allowing him to get out of the boat. lol... It was hilarious to see Georgy struggling to come out while others wont allow him to do so. Finally we overturned the boat in the pool and Georgy finally managed to come out of the boat. fuming !!!!!!

With music flowing combined with shades of trees in the farm and everyone enjoying with drinks and occasional dip in the pool, we didn't realise that it was already evening.
So it was time for barbeque's. Wayne had made arrangements in advance so evening turned out to be double fun with music in the air accompanied with silence of the forest, drinks and barbeque's ... our party continued till wee hours when i last remembered some of us slept at 4am !!!!

Morning again we were joined by some more team members so everyone was up with only handful hours of sleep. We were up early as Wayne took us for dip in the river at another spot nearby where the water current was not strong enough with clean water.
So here it was in Bhatsa river where we enjoyed the swim, dip and laying idly in the lake with water flowing steadily. We also had snorkeling equipment at our disposal for underwater experience.

All in all it was another feather in my adventure trips collection and reason it gets a place in my blog as compared to my various other outings was place was amazing, fun and enjoyment was indescribable. The serene and tranquil environment away from bustling Mumbai life was something that cannot be written or captured in lens but can only be experienced at such unique and not so far away gateways.

So chill out at such gateways sometimes to rejuvenate oneself and start fresh following day at work with more positive and energetic "you".

CIAO !!!

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  1. wonderfully written. I'm glad that you had a gala time at vasind. request you to share contact details of Wayne with me. as I'd like explore it too... (

    Eagerly awaiting....