Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Shriks and me returned back from Genting in afternoon at Puduraya bus station.We checked at information kiosk as to how far was Bukit Bintang from there, Again the answer was walkable distance !!!!!!
Reaching Bukit Bintang was easy since its one iconic area in Kuala lumpur which inevitably would be a part of every one's itinerary in KL and its famous for BINTANG WALK. We had done our booking in one of the hotels here as it is "the'' happening place in KL.

As soon as we checked in, Shriks wanted to take a nap (He had developed this peculiar habit of squeezing time for a nap !!!!) and me wanted to explore every inch of the city. I literally had to drag him from his bed at times !!!! real snob he had turned into.

Biryani for lunch was amazing at Indian restaurant in Bukit Bintang, Couldn't ask for more. It was time for quick check at some malls nearby, List was endless - Pavillion, Sungei wang, Istehan, Times square to name a few.
One of the malls had Harley Davidson showroom selling Harleys accessories, on display was different models of Harley bikes. minimum cost of one model was in INR 18lacs and one latest model of Harley Davidson costing INR 37 lacs !!!!

By the time we had finished our tour with some shopping done it was almost 9pm. So it was now time for Ramlee (P.Jalan Ramlee is one street close to Petronas tower full of restaurants and pubs). We got our first glimpse of Petronas twin towers all lit up in night. Magnificent man made marvel !!!!!!

Some other buildings which are lit up in evening look awesome like AGRO BANK tower, KL Menara. We walked in one restaurant serving Indian roti, naan which was like heaven for Shriks and me as compared to Genting ,veggie food is easily available in Kuala Lumpur thanks to Indian origin people and ofcourse tourist from India and middle east.

Best part about this eatery and others that we visited in KL was you order roti or naan and you get dal free !!!! I had couple of beers at one open bar adjoining Beach club which is one happening pub thronged by expats. Sitting on lined chair on roadside with beer, watching the crowd going crazy in Beach banana pub was amazing.

We planned to do some sightseeing next day in one amazing concept akeen to London, KL HOP ON, HOP OFF tour, in which buses continuously ply every 30minutes to every tourist attraction in city from 8.30am to 8.30pm, up to you to decide which place and where to get down and catch another bus later.

We had decided to catch a bus at 8.30 in morning so that we could cover as much of the city as possible and next day we decided to do Petronas visit on that day. Shriks again a big lazy ass he was, got up at 8.30, completing his morning curriculum along with prayers (which he does every day religiously) was ready by 9.30am !!!!!
Luckily KL hopon bus stop was just next to our hotel and we also managed to get a bus in no time. So here we were in open deck bus for city tour, first stop was Kings Palace where we clicked pictures with changing royal guards and outside the palace. But going inside the palace was not allowed as its still a residence of the King.

Back in bus our next stop was Little India.


Little India is one area where we can get anything that is Indian, Roads are lined with decorated colourful pillars, even the roads are painted with colourful rangoli design drawings.

First stop was Udipi restaurant, We were turning into real hoggers or I would say bhukkads pouncing on every restaurant serving Indian cuisines. I ate my favorite sambar & rice while shriks ordered his favorite Indian mendu vada. I checked the menu and it had "CHAI" as well. So after lunch, it was now CHAI time.

Waiter got one "glass" of chai, looking at the quantity I had to ask the waiter if it was one chai or two !!!! I am so used to chai in small quantity everyday and here it was jumbo sized glass full of chai,
I would have drank the same quantity in 7days at home but here it was in one glass...... Holy cow !!!! It was time for Shriks to ROTFL.  I had decided that I would stay whole day sitting in restaurant and drink this glass of chai instead of wasting it.

"Understood true value of chai when you don't get it everyday !!!!!!"

Lucky me, I got a pan in same restaurant not the Benarasi or Calcutta pan but small south Indian pan which really helped my tummy in digestion.
Little India really made us feel at home with temples, phoolwalas outside temple, saree's shop, supermarkets selling Indian products, there was also sugarcane juice wala but we didn't have even inch of space in tummy to try it.
One shop was playing Tamil song Raja Raja !!! dont know the movie but we did manage to dance on its catchy tunes, while walking. We came across Malaysian Pandoo - traffic police ticketing one car for wrong parking ..... He was duly captured in our lens !!!!!!!

Back in Hop on / off bus, we were now at Lake gardens - they should name this as forest and not garden, looking at sheer size of it on street board giving directions inside the garden. 100 hectares of forest land in middle of KL and this was preserved rain forest. Nature conservation to the core.
No wonder they get rains throughout the year. On average it takes half of your day or 4hours to check what lake gardens has to offer.

We managed to capture parliament building in our lens before security police informed taking pics was prohibited.

We decided to visit butterfly park which was one amazing place with multi colored butterflies flying around, The park is beautifully made like a small natural habitat and is well maintained with numerous flowers and butterflies all around. They even sprinkle honey water on plants for butterflies to get their nourishment. Such care !!!!!!  we could capture quite a few of them in our lens.


Next stop was world's largest birds free walk aviary which had some amazing birds walking besides you as along with birds even you are in huge tents with net. It was like walking in natural forest with all birds around you.

We managed to visit Merdeka - Independence square and textile museum before climate changed suddenly and it was starting to pour heavily. Back in hotel again Shriks wanted a quick nap so he could be fresh again as he was keen to visit Ramlee street for dinner and music.
Back again at Ramlee in the night for our cheese naan with free dal dinner, We decided to party first at Beach banana club with great music, dinner could wait as was available 24hours so that was not a problem.

The tickets to visit  Petronas twin towers bridge and observatory deck can be sold out quickly in morning for spot entry if booking not done 3 days in advance. We were in queue for getting tickets for Petronas at 8am in morning but before we could get tickets, it was sold out. People standing in queue since 5.30am  and only 1800 people can visit on any particular day. Disappointed we clicked some pictures from base and were back at the hotel.


Now it was time to visit distance cousin of Petronas nearby KL Menara or also called Telecommunication tower and get view of entire city from viewing gallery as we didn't really have much to do till evening. So here we were at another amazing man made structure for which KL is quite famous KL MENARA. View was just amazing from the top with 360 degree view of city and all city skyscrapers looking like miniature toy model.

We also hopped into Malaysian culture village museum at the base of tower and had a chance to play formula 1 simulator in original formula 1 Ferrari car.

Time for street shopping at JALAN MASJID INDIA which is again another mini India in KL, Its a endless stretch of street shops selling everything that you could think of at bargain price.
One particular supermarket HANIFA  has got entire floor only dedicated to chocolates. I decided to come back before flying back to India as I didn't want to carry additional weight on my journey to Langkawi. But still some purchases done, we were finally back at our hotel completely tired and bags full of our shopping items.

Next day we decided to go to Batu caves as we now only had one day more in KL and Petronas was closed due to public holiday in month of Ramadan.  Shriks had lost interest in Petronas and he didn't have time in KL also as he was flying back to Singapore after our visit to Langkawi whereas I would still get a chance to see as Petronas if I made some efforts one last time as I had one more day in KL after Langkawi visit before I flew back home.

 So now off to Batu caves next day...... 

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