Friday, December 9, 2011

Aksa & Madh Marve Beach

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After a gap of couple of weeks, I am back with another adventure trip which takes you to nature's gift to Mumbai. Its beaches .....

Mumbai being an island city close to Arabian sea  is flooded with some amazing beaches, some very popular and some not so popular. Only complaint is the cleanliness part which is lacking on most of the beaches due to lacklustre behaviour of the administration of BMC and also lacking of cleanliness among the general public. But nevertheless, walking on the beach in early morning or sitting on the sandy beach watching the sunset or just hearing the waves making rhythmic sound when it reaches the shores or just walking on the beach as waves hit the shores is feeling in itself.

List of popular beaches in Mumbai are Gorai, Aksa, Madh, Marve, Versova, Juhu, Band stand, Dadar Chowpatty, Girgaum Chowpatty and number of other beaches which are outside town limits in Vasai, Alibaug and Navi Mumbai.

Aksa Beach: Located in Malad suburb of Mumbai is popular beach with bungalows and fishing villages near it. Aksa - Madh - Marve belt has some amazing row houses and bungalows which is often rented for shooting of television serials and movies. I find this beach among one of most clean as its mostly crowded only during vacation and weekends but not on weekdays.

Buses are available from Malad station on west side (No 271 from Malad West & 269 from Borivali Station ) and also rickshaws are easily available to get here. The beach is also close to Indian naval base - INS HAMLA.

Though being one of the most cleanest beach in Mumbai, Its also is one of the most dangerous beach with most of the unfortunate incidents happening here due to its quick sand, shallow water with shifting sand which is often misleading. But sunset is best viewed from here with fresh air and ocean side ambiance provides a great backdrop for escapades. Its just truly Magical.

Marve Beach: This beach which is close to Aksa beach is pretty small as compared to Aksa. Used mainly by people who wants to cross over to Manori Island by boat. The beach has restricted access as is used by Indian Navy for training and exercises. But its one of the two nodal points to go to Esselworld amusement park (other point being at Gorai in Borivali). But the view one gets of the largest Global Vipassana pagoda sitting on Manori island right across the sea is amazing.

One can also get the glimpse of dense mangroves which protects the Mumbai coast line. On a any given day one can find fishing boats anchored ready to get the fresh fish catch every morning.

This beach is also not fit for swimming due to sinking sand and strong water currents but its ideal for enjoying the evening with sunset and sea in complete silence.

The BEST bus 272 will bring you right at the tip of the beach passing through mini fishing villages and dense mangroves, giving you a feel of being in Goa within boundaries of Mumbai.

To be continued....

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  1. Pictures are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The water there is not safe for swimming and there are a number of quicksands in this beach which lead to a number of casualties every year. The sunsets on this beach is spectacular. Check out more about about Aksa Beach.