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Kelwe beach - Palghar


Kelve beach also called Kelwa beach is one of the most beautiful vacation spots near Palghar in Thane district. Its located at a distance of approx 140kms North of Mumbai, 5kms from kelwa station on western line or 25minutes auto ride from Palghar station. The beach is a pristine stretch of seashore along Arabian sea, 8kms long but not very popular as its only crowded during weekends or during school vacations.

Kelwe beach 

Kelwe beach

The best part about of this beach is its lined with Suru trees near the shore, These trees found in abundance could grow as high as 50feet. There are two forts, one which is located on the northern tip is hidden among the trees and smaller one on the south which is also sometimes referred as Kelwe janjira fort is only accessible during low tide as it gets submerged in sea water during high tide.

The fun activities on this beach includes horse cart ride which would take you for a ride on seashore and cost Rs 10/- per person, best time to take this ride would be in the evening during sunset. One can also take a camel ride and do parasailing on the beach. The beach is lined with locals selling fresh coconuts, tad golas (palm tree fruit) and dried fish.
Horse cart ride on the beach
There is huge Shitladevi temple near the beach, Legend says that Sons of Lord Rama, luv and Kush grew here when Sita was in exile second time. A small lake opposite the temple is called Ramkund.

How to go: Kelwe beach can be reached from Mumbai - Ahmedabad highway, take a left from Manor - Mastan naka which will pass through Palghar. approx 35kms from highway. Its also close to Kelwe station at 5kms or one can reach from Palghar Station by taking a 8 seater rickshaw which takes approx 25minutes. Beach is also connected with ST buses plying frequently to nearby stations like Palghar, Safhale, or Vasai, Virar and also Borivali.
Manor road

Staying facility: There are quite a few resorts like kelwe beach resort, MTDC, Shantashil etc which offers good overnight staying facility. There are quite a few restaurants which serves good variety of Veg and non veg food close to the beach.

Resort close to the beach

Here are some the pics from my clicks.

Winter sunset on the beach

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