Monday, July 9, 2012

Monsoon trails to S.G National Park - Borivali

For every nature lover, trekkers, Come the first showers of Monsoon in the month of June in Mumbai and its time to go for nature trails & trekking. Monsoon rains in Mumbai are much awaited by everyone to get relief from scorching summer heat and humidity and also by nature lovers and trekkers as its time for trekking season, to experience and enjoy the nature at its best. Monsoon showers carpet the areas surrounding Mumbai in vibrant and lush green thick undergrowth. Its a feeling which cannot be put in words but is best experienced. I was keenly awaiting rains to get feel of whole new world at S.G.National park in Borivali and also at Tungareshwar wild life sanctuary which transforms itself in green paradise with abundant waterfalls.

Monsoon trail at Sanjay Gandhi National park: This green oasis in the heart of Metro city like Mumbai is biggest National park in middle of any metro city in the world covering 104 sq kms (65 sq miles). It presents a different picture in every season be it Winters or Summers or Monsoon rains. Its best experienced in Monsoon when the whole place comes to life with trees covered with green leaves and dried mountains covering itself in green carpet of thick undergrowth. This park is semi deciduous forest so after dry summers when trees had shed all its leaves, Monsoons are epitome of change and whole of park is buzzing with new life. Apart from its natural, pollution free environment, national park is home to large flora & fauna variety, as well as 1000 years old history - The Kanheri caves also called Krishnagiri caves.


My trail started at 7am on Sunday of July month as this year rains had been delayed and whole of June was a dry spell.But with whatever rains we had in June was for more than enough to fuel new growth in the forest and by July, it was fuming with new life. Thick green carpet till eyes could reach. Its a feast to watch and experience. As I walked to my destination - Kanheri caves, could see some people jogging, some on their usual morning walk or weekend walk, some in their groups or going solo like me. We all shared one thing, love for the place, love for nature and above all our aim to keep oneself fit and healthy. I being a regular to this trail as not having missed any opportunity of going on this trail whenever I get week off from work on a Sunday, The place had changed dramatically from my last visit which was in early June, gap of one month and few showers of rain and here I was in different surrounding, full of fresh air and feast to eyes with greenery everywhere.

I came across small streams of water flowing down from the hills, although it was still young but I am sure by end of July / August when rains would be pouring down heavily, it would be sight worth watching, water gushing down with full force. On the way I could only smile as the entire road leading towards Kanheri caves had changed with trees on both sides of the road in full glory and greenery everywhere. What a change !!!!

As soon as I reached the gates of Kanheri caves, I started raining and it was a amazing to watch that within 5min of rains, water had already started falling from the top of Kanheri caves. Sipping hot tea and vada pav snacks had never tasted like this before. The rains stopped as quickly as it came, I decided to walk back home, sure to come back during days of heavy rains, hoping to see some waterfall at Kanheri caves. My journey or I should say my walk from national park gate to Kanheri caves have always excited me, covering 13kms both ways. One thing that I never miss when ever I am here is star fruit or cucumber sold by tribal ladies, its fresh, grown organically in natural surroundings, thirst quenching.

Hoping to continue my trend of not missing any day of being here when I have week off from work or when I am not doing trekking to some other places in Sahyadris.

My next destination will be Tungareshwar wild life sanctuary and I am also hoping to do Shilonda trail within S.G.National park which again is something not to be missed during Monsoon.

Merci beaucoup, C Ya at next destination.........................


  1. Hi,
    I read your blog post about SGNP. I understand that you did a monsoon trail...I am wondering if you went on your own or with a group? I have never been to SGNP and I was told that Shilonda is the only trail apart from a trail deep in the heart of SGNP with SGNP staff.

    Do let me know!
    BTW interesting blog :)

  2. For Shilonda you would require special permit, as far as I know they give only to a group as place is on the leopard trail. else you can go on sat & sun after 7.30am till kanheri caves, its frequented with people...