Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pelhar lake - Pristine, Untouched, Amazing

This destination was something that I had never heard of till I visited the place nor my friends who are native of Vasai itself didn't have any clue about this place. I received email for the trail from one of trekking group headed by Dr A Pradhan, open invitation to all and since I had been to long trek of Tungareshwar WLS day before so it was welcome change for me as I didn't want to miss on exploring newer destination and also didn't want to stretch myself more with one more hardcore trekking destination.

Meeting place was decided at Vasai Station east at 7.45am.Heart in Heart I knew this place would be worth a visit and only information that I had about the place was, It was at the base of Tunga Hills in Tunga WLS. With gangs of Wanderlust Adventures having gathered at Vasai on time, we all headed to rickshaw stand for share a rick towards Hotel Pelhar on Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway which was approx 9kms from the station.From the highway, it was walk on muddy road passing by some grassland and some huge Tabelas or Buffalo sheds.One the way we came across a tree which housed nest of Baya Bird (weaver bird), amazingly beautiful yellow bird. We also saw a peacock in the grassland near by. Sohiel, one of our group member was bird enthusiast, shared more info about the bird which was quite interesting. One of the passerby informed that peacock was domesticated by the Tabela owner and sometimes people catch the bird when its close to the road and click pictures with it but for us the bird was quite far in the muddy grass and also we didn't want to scar the bird away.

Wild Basil Or Tulsi 
Nevertheless we moved forward, We came across one small plant with soft and wooly leaf, when touched gave strong & sweet aroma, Soheil's knowledege came in handy and he identified it as Wild Basil or Tulsi.

With dark rain clouds forming over Tunga hill which was clearly visible now, We hoped that it would rain heavily as all wanted to get soaked in rain water. We passed by some huge tabelas that I had ever seen but road was full of gobar or buffalo dung and due to overnight rain it made it very difficult to walk. We all tried all the balancing act while walking to avoid spoiling the shoes and getting slipped on slippery road.

Finally after a walk of 10minutes, we reached a iron gate and bridge over a nalla which was our destination to Pelhar lake dam....... I am still wondering how come Mumbaites don't know about such a beautiful place. Moment we entered the gates, there was neatly carved road leading to the top of the dam and also alternate steps to reach at the top. The place was lush green, We clicked pictures, enjoyed talks and very moment while we marched forward. On reaching at the top, we came across huge dam water controller and viewing deck overlooking Pelhar lake and Tungareshwar hills surrounding it. what a sight !!!!!! I never expected something so pristine, untouched and immensely beautiful and that too so close to Mumbai.

Viewing deck and dam water controller

We stood at the watch tower in awe, our minds completely mesmerised with the beauty in front of us. We had our breakfast at the top. Since the water level of the lake was not much we decided to explore the surroundings and also walk along the banks of the lake. Bank of the lake was lined with rocks, we decided to walk on the rocks except for some members, who decided to take easy route of walking at the top of the dam.

The only humans that we came across were some locals making their way towards Tungareshwar and one odd fishermen putting their fishing net for the catch. We sat for almost over two hours enjoying the place, cool breeze and some rain drizzle, it was such a romantic place. I still have the view fresh in my mind. Veena of my colleague was so mesmerised with the beauty of the place that she could stop posing for a photoshoot by our leader Dr Ajay Pradhan who did all the clicking. In fact we all captured the place in our heart and in our lens from all angles. We wanted to enjoy the rains but expect for some short drizzle, it didn't rain at all but as I pour my heart out in this blog I feel if it had rained that we certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the place like we did without rains. After spending couple of hours we decided to move back home. On the way, we saw some local kids fishing, one of the fisherman on seeing us clicking pictures, invited all of us for a selfless lunch at his house nearby.We all promised to be back at the place next time and have lunch with him. With such fond memories we bid adieu to the place and couldn't thank our leader Dr Pradhan for getting us to such a beautiful location close to Mumbai.

Pristine, Virgin, Untouched beauty - Pelhar lake


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  3. Thanks Ajay, any weekly off from work on Sunday and I will be on treks