Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to cultural center of Maharashtra - Pune

Pune - A city tipped to be younger sisterly city of Mumbai. A vibrant city mere 4 hour drive from Mumbai. The climate here in Pune is a plus as compared to Mumbai as being above sea level, winters and rains are at its best to be experienced. Summer I prefer to sweat out in Mumbai rather then get dry heat in pune. With every major IT and engg company having a base in Pune, its become more of a cosmopolitan metro with people from every corner of India converging here.

I only knew Pune existed on maps of India till my brother married a puneite. So it started my journey to Pune and by now have lost count of my number of visits to the city. With each visit an experience in itself, I got introduced to Pune more and more on each visit. Three things that I include in my visit each time now whenever I am in Pune is visit to Balaji temple 30kms outside pune, Dagdu seth Ganpati visit and food.

Buses for pune are available in plentyfull from Mumbai and I prefer Neeta travels as its starting point in Borivali is mere 5minutes walk from home so I can catch the first bus at 5.30am. So here I am with one of my trips to Pune which was minus family visit and pure adventure trips.

I got into Neeta Volvo for Pune early morning at 5.30am, Catching the bus early for Pune is advisable as it skips the city traffic and you can reach the city between 9.00-10.00 am. Since it was pure adventure trip to divert my mind from daily routines of work and to spend my weekly off in different place. I was in pune. I got down at Shivaji Nagar - pune as my first stop was to Narayanpur. - small village 45mins drive from Pune bus station on way to Mahabaleshwar. It a sitting place for Tirumala Devasthanam - Tirupati Balaji temple. A exact replica of main temple in Andhra pradesh. I usually catch a direct bus from Pune bus station - Swargate to Narayanpur which are available every 30-45minutes.

I reached Narayanpur - Tirupati temple around 12.00 noon. The temple complex is very peaceful place with expansion of the temple in full swing. Tonsure and Tirumala go hand in hand, devotees offer their hair to Lord, a symbolic sacrifice of the ego. I have also done it at numerous occasions.
Taking darshan does not take long here as usually temple is empty with few devotees so It did not take long for the darshan to complete. The visit to Tirupati temple is not complete without taking the famous Tirupati laddoo and simple prasad of dal kichdi at the langar. With darshan complete I headed back to Pune as buses are available from main highway easily.

My next stop was at Dagdu Sheth Ganpati temple. I am in love with the idol of Lord Ganapati here. the idol adorned in precious jewellery and gold, One small temple established by a halwai here over 100 years ago has transformed into must visit temple and holds as much significance as Mumbaites have for Lalbaugh Ganapati. Visit to this temple is a must for me and my family whenever in Pune.

Now it was time for foodie journey for which Pune is famous for. The "Joshi vada pav" bang opposite temple is from where I start my foodie journey each time when in pune. The taste of vada pav is so unique here that I cannot resist gulping down couple of them. When in Pune, I always skip my lunch and dinner as its time for street food.

Pune is also famous for its Namkeen & chivda and quite a few famous shops like KK halwai, Laxminarayan Chiwda at Budhwar peth, or Budhani wafers at MG. road, Chitale bandhu at sadashiv peth. My visit never ends unless there is some purchase done at all of the above shops famous for its unique quality namkeens. And also with all of them within walkable distance of 10-15minutes so it helps me in digesting my junk food.

My next stop is M.G.road. A very vibrant street and one happening place in Pune. Shops selling clothes to mobiles to everything that we can think of. Cake and icecream parlours here is a must try. But I prefer having soda icecream from a road side vendor who stands with his kiosk stall at M.G.road. Now its time for my shrewsberry biscuits at Kayani bakery off M.G.road, It takes 10-15minutes to order as the bakery is always crowded. They churn total of 200kgs of shrewsberry biscuits everyday with shelves running out of stock in no time.

With so much of walk and purchase that its time for me to have some relaxing time and one place which is again very unique like pune is Diamond restaurant and bar, two story open bar at M.G.road serving amazing non-veg and veg menu, Each time I have visited this place, it always full with young crowd sitting in groups for hours together. Chilled kingfisher beer is amazingly relaxing after tiring day and before I catch Neeta bus back home.

In one of my visits to pune, I also visited Osho ashram (Its not a ashram anymore but a seven star international resort) at Koregaon park. I always wanted to see the place but name "OSHO" is banned in our conservative marwari family as Osho's preachings don't go hand in hand with conservative nature of Indian culture especially our family. Nevertheless I wanted to check and get a glimpse of the place which has put name of Pune on International map. I was successful on third attempt to gain entry which is allowed only twice a day for 30minutes. Its a quite walk behind one of Osho discipline who takes you for a ten minute tour of the place. The Osho disciples walking in their red or white attire is unique sight in Koregoan park.

The cafe opposite the osho ashram lane selling cold coffee for Rs 10 is something that I have never tasted anywhere else. I am allergic to lactose or milk product but I still cannot resist the cold coffee here.

My food journey and my trip in Pune usually ends at South Indian restaurant Sukh sagar outside pune station which serves amazing Missal pav - a Maharashtrian speciality and taste is again unique to this place, have tried Missal at numerous other joints in Pune, in Mumbai and also tried my hands on cooking but still yet to find the taste like here.

One bakery which needs to be mentioned here which is again opp Pune station which sells biscuits filled with grinded coconut fillings just like Bounty chocolate. Its not so famous bakery and I just chanced upon purchasing it once. I and my office colleagues have liked it so much that I have been asked numerous times at office about my next visit to Pune to get it back & satisfy the tastebuds of everyone. One of my colleague recently made a unsuccessfull trip to Pune to get the biscuits only to find the bakery closed on Sundays !!!!!!

I have not been able to explore Pune's attractions like Agakhan Palace, Saras baugh, Sinhgad fort etc but I hope to see them in near future.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trip to abode of Sai baba - Shirdi

One fine day I got a call from Papaji, asking me if I was ready for a trip to Shirdi. Doing puja or praying is not part of my daily curriculum unlike my mother or my younger brother but I dont miss opportunity to visit temples. As they say (You cannot visit temple or a shrine unless Apke liye Bulawa nahi aata) 

Papaji has been my friend since our days in Convergys, We and other team members have spent many of our weekends at Papaji's house when he was a bachelor, At times taking team briefing or discussing our team performance on drinking sessions. After getting married and now proud father, has now changed to a sober family man & quite religious.

Mrs papaji was not accompanying Papaji along in the trip, would not allow papaji to drive his SUV for long distance if not accompanied by one of few family friends and I was one of them.

So here I was in papaji's SUV off to Shirdi. We have been to Shirdi quite few times and we normally take overnight halt in Nasik or Sinnar on our way back or before visiting Saidham. Shirdi being 300 kms from Mumbai and usually driving such long distance, standing for a darshan and again coming in one day becomes quite hectic and too tiring.

It was month of June and rains had not yet arrived in Mumbai - Nasik belt. We left Mumbai in papaji's SUV in mid afternoon and by the time we reached Nasik, it was getting dark as sun wanting to go home earlier in June evenings as compared to summer days. It had also started pouring light showers.

The road to Nasik in the rains or after rains is most scenic with lush green mountains till the eyesight can reach.

We decided to halt at our usual Hotel Panchvati which is quite famous in Nasik. With nothing to do in evening, we were off for quick dinner and a walk. I cannot resist the chance of doing some purchase for home when I am outstation, So here I was with my resins, Nasik chiwda purchase.As grapes being one product Nasik is famous for, you get good quality dry grapes or resins and wine, But alcohol being strictly prohibited in my house, was not my list.

We had decided to get up as early at 6am so after another 90km drive from Nasik to Shirdi, We could be in line for darshan early as it could take anything from 2 hours to even 4hours in queue for darshan depending upon the season. But we could barely open our eyes by 8am, We were ready by 9.30am were off to Shirdi.
On our way, we got lured by Nasik - Ozhar road !!!!!!!!, I mean we got deviated from usual Nasik - Shirdi road and by the time we were deep 50kms inside that we realised that road doesn't seem to be the one we usually take while going to Shirdi !!!!  But worth mentioning is amazing road which passes by India'a airforce base and is traffic less. On checking with some locals and helpful aunty who stopped her car and asked her son to get the correct direction for us from the locals by communicating in rural Marathi. Going back 50kms to Nasik and taking another 80Kms to Shirdi didn't seem to be feasible and locals asking us to take the bypass road passing through rural villages which would be much faster.
So we were now on our adventure trip passing through grapes field and some small villages. We noticed at times villages with only handful of shops and houses. With papaji playing his collection of punjabi music at full volume, The ride was turning out to be amazing one. We passed through one river which locals called "GANGA GODAVARI" The bridge over the river was small but the view of the river and the canal passing below was amazing. I always carry my camera on my trips as we never know whats in store for me to capture in my lens.We stopped the car and enjoyed some moments on the banks of the river, capturing the place in my lens.

 Later while doing some google search, found that the river which we passed by originates at Trimbak near Nasik and swells into second largest river in India flowing for more than 1400 kms and joins Bay of Bengal flowing through Andhra pradesh. "The Godavari river". I still get that "WOW" feeling when I watch those moments captured in my lens on the banks of the river, not knowing at that time that we were on banks of second largest river in India !!!!

 On moving further, we came across a village called LASENGOAN which had some huge row houses and Axis and Icici bank branches bigger than some in Mumbai !!! Amazed at such a rich village, We sensed rural India was on road to progress. Some months later, when Onion prices were hitting the outer space !!!!! noticed Lasengoan being mentioned in economic times news paper only to realise later that its a cash rich village near Nasik producing bulk of Onions in India and with prices touching sky high, it was reaping the MOOLAH !!!!!! 

Reached Shirdi by afternoon and we were quickly in line for darshan, which took around 2hours. But the Sai Dham complex has been expanded to accommodate devotees so nicely that 2hours didn't pinch us much. Darshan was amazing with Sai Baba shining in full gold glory as being one of the richest temples of India. 

We were back on our way to Mumbai in afternoon, We stopped at our usual stop on our way back at  highway dhaba after Kasara ghat for some finger licking food and beer. Mumbai - Nasik highway needs real mention especially the Kasara Ghat which till few years back was one pain road to drive on has now been made into amazing highway of 4 lanes. So driving is some much fun and timeline for the journey reduced by as much as 2-3 hours one way.

Papaji and I have been visiting Shirdi every 6-8 months in his SUV and on one of other trips to Shirdi, while coming back from Sinnar, we took a Nasik bypass road to Mumbai. Enroute we came across a wind farm on surrounding hills. Amazed and curious to look at wind farm, first for me !!!! We drove on the hill, capturing India's progress in green technology generating energy from Winds.

The trips to Shirdi with Papaji have always been fun and memorable, We have never been able to plan for the trip in advance but almost all our trips to Shirdi have been spontaneous decision, usually on weekly offs for a drive to abode of Sai and to get blessing from "SAI". As they say "You cannot visit Baba jab tak bulawa nahi aata" 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July - Month of deluge in Mumbai and my experience

Come July / August and rain god showers with two hands over Mumbai. From early 90's to till date, schools, colleges and even office goers usually get a extra unasked leaves due to water logging, train disruptions and pure laziness of not going to school or work on a bad rainy day.

As we always keep comparing things with some benchmark set, Come July and we inevitably start comparing some heavy downpours with either 24th July 2005 which recorded highest rainfall and made Mumbai come to a halt or 26th July 2009 when it was predicted that Arabian Sea would be in "drunk state" causing high tide of 15 feet which could have set another record. (It didn't reach that height but it was not short also)

I have noticed from last 2 weekends, rains either do overtime on Saturdays and Sundays or may be their two weekly offs have changed to some other days in a week when I am at work. I don't know !!!!! 
But sitting at home, writing my blog spot (that is exactly how I have spend my two weekends) or my favorite pastime of watching movie on my lappy or at times trying my hands on cooking my favorite Kichdi with vegetables. I think I am really at ease as compared to the day July 24th 2005 when Mumbai received unprecedented rains. With some doomsday news channel like India TV and Live TV making you go back in flashback memory even when you don't want to, refreshing your memories of one odd experience that every Mumbaiites would have faced getting stuck in rains.

For me It will be the same day July 24th 2005 when most of Mumbaities would have some experience to narrate. I had my weekly off and was lazily watching rains gather strength every now and then, with news channel as usual repeating the same story since morning, I received call from my cousin around noon as not much business as rains pouring outside, he was feeling bored in four walls of his office at Lower parel.  So we decided to meet in evening at Dadar club, which at one point was meeting place for all friends with discussions over drinks. 
Rains were not ready to stop and I was also not ready to let go one opportunity that I used to get meeting friends and cousins on weekly off which usually came once in a month or two. I left my house around 3ish in afternoon catching slow train for lower parel. Trains running slow but still reaching its destination and I was in no hurry as I was to meet my cousin around 6 in the evening. Trains slowly turned from slow to sluggish to non moving at times for a stretch and I managed to reach the spot between Vile parle and Santacruz from where you get best view of airport runway from the tracks. I took 3hours for train to reach this place. With people slowly starting to walk on tracks and mobile networks loosing its way. I decided to stay put and got down from the train on the tracks and managed to reach Scruz station. With trains on stand still and rains gaining more strength, I decided to reach SV Road from where I thaught would get some other means of transport to reach home. Water levels were knee deep with water currents strong enough to push you in corner I managed to reach SV Road only to find that everything was on stand still except people walking on dividers of the road. I too along with scores of other walkers did the same. Andheri and Vileparle are known low lying areas and water logging very common sight even when its a normal rain but it was day when rain had poured since morning.
I managed to walk all the way till Andheri station in two hours with water level rising from knee level to waist level and some social workers helping people on the way against strong water currents.
It was 7pm and Andheri station did not even have one inch of space to stand as trains were stopped so did cars and buses on the roads. People standing where ever they could get some cover from rains.I managed to get some space outside Paneri showroom. Rains continued to pour while mobile networks completely down. I had no option but to wait. 1 hour - 2hours - 4hours and no improvement in situation, I ate some bitings that I could get from nearby restaurant. 
It was 1am in the night and I had not moved since last 6hours. I decided to walk down till I had some strength. Waterlevels were now upto 3 feet outside Andheri station towards jogeshwari side and BEST buses were floating literally. I managed to walk till the bus only to find some people sleeping with bus conductor inviting me to come inside and sleep for free !!!!  I sat for some time only to find that water levels were not going down but rising steadily. Saw some brave people fighting water currents and moving towards one place from where we could reach railway tracks which was on higher grounds. I managed to join them and we were on railway tracks walking on it.  
Reached Jogeshwari walking only to find police not allowing people to walk further on tracks. So again I was back on SV road but some more hurdles on the way as firebrigade not allowing people to walk towards Goregoan on S V road  as water level had reached 6 feet, exactly my height !!!!!

On checking with by standers, found that only way to go to Borivali would be to take link road which runs parallel to S.V.Road but little far away, and that too was risky. But some people walking the way out, I also joined the bandwagon, on the way, found some rickshaws toppled, cars floating like boats.People ha left their cars as is where is, to find some other ways to reach their destination. 
I somehow managed to reach link road but water level were still knee deep and walking in such knee deep water for hours really takes every bit of strength in legs muscles. I had been walking or standing for 9hours now !!!! and I was not even half way to Borivali. 
2 more hours of walk and I managed to reach Malad only to find that stretch of road further was again in 10 feet water and area had become a sea now. So only way again for Borivali would be to take S.V road.   

Only a handful of people who were walking earlier with me had now become a big bunch of almost 30 odd people, motivating each other and telling their tales of plight.we reached Kandivali but found that water level was again around 4feet and water currents so strong that a person could not stand straight for more than a minute. Fire brigadiers had tied ropes for people to catch and maintain balance while they conduct rescue for people wanting to cross that stretch of road. Finally managing to cross it successfully I reached home at dawn 7am in morning, A walk of almost 15hours !!!!!!!!
 Luckily everyone was safe and I had managed to call home when some network was available on my mobile. My cousin slept in his office so did brother and scores of Mumbaiites.
One harrowing experience finally coming to end. It was same or even worst experience for many.
With doomsday channels telecasting news of rains comparing it with that one day of July 24th. It still remains fresh in the memories.

I managed to reach Marine drive without informing my mommy 4years later when every news channel and news paper forcasted high tide of 15feet on 26th July 2009, though it didnt reach the heights but I managed to capture what ever height it could reach in my lens.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lets walk in Paradise called Langkawi

Langkawi Island - All that I can say is its a "postcard island" or "wall paper island".  Every corner of the island is like a wallpaper which keeps telling you "Come fall in Love".

I had read so much about Langkawi that I was longing to set my foot on this island for long time now. And that day finally arrived. Shriks and I boarded Air-Asia flight in afternoon. Mere one hour journey and I was in the skies of Langkawi. Unfortunately I couldn't get a window seat. Had it not been a flight journey, I would have never boarded it without a window seat. !!!! 
I mean it because everyone who had window seat couldn't take their eyes off the view outside, Air hostess words of wearing seat belt as landing of flight was due was going in deaf ears, like they were   buying time from her " Madam Ek minute dekh lene do bus, Ek minute" I am co-relating it because I got "window seat" when I flew back and what I saw was mesmerising !!!!

Getting out of the flight was one hilarious incident, half of people sitting at the back of the flight waiting for the flight door to open and while other half sitting in the front had already deboarded the flight !!!! We came out of the front door only to find ground staff knocking on the back door !!! something gone wrong and we were ROTFL..... Thank God they didn't tell us in middle of our journey "Bhai sab please jara dakhka dena, engine mein kuch kharabi hai"  

We were greeted by heavy rain showers at the airport only to be informed by ground staff that rains don't shower for more than 10minutes and soon sun would be out of the clouds. Tropical climate advantage not like in Mumbai where rains don't stop for days. 

We hired a cab "no bargain, fixed price" types from the airport. On our way we passed through rice fields, lush green fields. We had "wow" words coming from mouth very often then not. 
I had done booking in motel, bang opposite Pentai Cenang beach and most happening place in Langkawi. Other places are also fun but more crowd here, more fun here and it didn't let me down even for a second.
I don't know swimming but I cannot resist getting in sea water or any pool, Here I was in one big pool !! I was off to the beach for a dip, I promise I would have never come out of the water if sun had not set. Rainbow sunset, people doing parasailing and water surfing on jetski boat, beach bars lit in dark, who would want to come out of warm water with mild waves hitting the shores. It was more then I had wanted. 

Shriks not wanting to go in sea water in evening, meanwhile said would check some tours that we could do in next 2 days.It was later I came to know that he was also keen to find if he was going to starve for 2days without veg food or no. I always carry my motto " Survival of the fittest", In Shriks words I am "Brasht Brahmin" but I believe if I was here for fun, njoying the place then food will not disrupt my fun, I can survive on fruits that will for sure be available in any part of the world, scrambled eggs or chicken is also fine with me if veg option is not available.Shrik's a ghaspus guy

Langkawi is a small stretch of island that can be covered in one hour drive from North to South and best part is you can get cars, bikes, bicycle, tricycles on rent. Saw most of people in groups prefer hiring cars and you can drive as much and visit everywhere you want.  
While on our evening walk, For next day we had zeroed in on "Island Hopping tour" for day 1 which was for 5hours and then we had entire evening on the beach.  Dinner time it was now !!! Luckily for Shriks, one restoran (Malay word for eatery) bang opposite our motel had veg food options available which included dosas, Uttapam's. Shriks had all the smile on his face !!!! 
On our walk after dinner we came across one nariyal pani wala, selling coconuts weighing nothing less than 5kgs !!!! I decided to try one, My tummy cried in pain "Bus kar bhai, pila pila ke marega" but coconut water was no way close to getting over. Finally I somehow managed to finish it when nariyal pani wala said "Sir should I peel the coconut skin for you, I could only tell him no pleaseeeeee I will be back tomorrow with more empty stomach !!!!! 

In the morning, Sleeping bum Shriks barely managed to reach breakfast table at 8.50am while pickup was at 9am for the tour. On our tour in speed boat our first stop was Dayang Bunting Geoforest park.
Its a forest park which has a huge sweet water lake in middle of it while the mountains covering it are surrounded by sea water. After quick dip, we were off for a walk around park on walking bridge connecting entire park, capturing some breathtaking pics on the way.

 Our next stop was eagle feeding ground where in middle of sea, they throw chicken pieces in water and eagles come to feed on it from nearby forest. It was WOW capture in our lens .... On the way we also got glimpse of a mountain which has shape of a pregnant lady sleeping with baby belly. Nature at its best. !!!!!

Our next stop was now at a beach where we could relax or take a dip in water before our journey back to Langkawi main island. Entire journey was through some amazing rock formation in middle of Andaman Sea. 
Andaman sea is so famous for some breathtaking beauty, some gorgeous rock formation in middle of sea, I had seen the same in Phuket in Thailand trip and now again here in Langkawi. It was disheartening that India which also has islands in Andaman sea and is not promoting such places whereas Phuket, Langkawi are world best tourist spots !!!! 

Back to the hotel in afternoon, Shriks went for a quick afternoon nap while I not wanting to miss another opportunity to be in sea waves was off to Pentai Cenang beach. Shriks joined me later in the afternoon on the beach. The sunset again was breathtaking with colours changing with as sun dipped behind the mountains. 
On our evening walk again, we were off to our Nariyal pani wala friend, This time we were empty stomach, Coconut milk shake blended with ice cream,coconut skin, coconut milk and ice was mouth watering. I would be at least be a millionaire in few years if I started a shop in Mumbai.


Next day we were back on another tour called "Mangroves tour".  Again on speed boat journey amidst some amazing rock mountains in middle of sea, we first got glimpse of a fish trawler, catching fish and at the same time cleaning the catch in boiling water and drying it, all on same trawler.
On our next stop, we were off in middle of mangroves jungle to watch some multicoloured crabs on shore of mangroves. Lovely small colourful crabs. Feeding eagles with chicken pieces on the way, we  went to crocodile cave. Of course no crocs inside but we could pass through the caves in our boat as it was low tide. Now it was time for Monkey island, with monkeys swimming in water towards the boat to get bread pieces from us.

Wee moved to a fishing village which was very close to Thai border as we got message on our mobile phone, welcome to Thailand.

 We got a glimpse of variety of fish, with one particular palm sized fish which actually can spit water upto 3 feet to catch a insect. we tried by rolling bread pieced on our fingers and pointing it on the fish tank. One amazing crab had a shape of horse shoe also called horse shoe crab.
We noticed some beautiful yacht's anchored near the village and our guide informed the owners come here once every six months to sail in their yachts across Andaman sea else it lies anchored illegally as this was in Thailand border. We also visited bat cave full of bats hanging from the wall, lizard shape rock in the cave. We nearly missed a snake passing by but luckily it was non poisonous.

Back on our way, we stopped at floating restaurant in middle of sea for lunch. One incident happened which by far is my most embarrassing moment ever. From morning since we got pick up from our hotels and in our entire tour, we were in group along with couple and their teen age son. Couple had been watching us since tour begin but I and Shriks didn't take note of. And the world knows when two people talk in Gujarati, its full of abuses and we were no exception. And we also didn't really care as no one to understand it. While having our lunch at the floating restaurant, the lady started conversation with us and Fuck !!!! we realised that they were also Gujarati's settled in Canada and had roots in Mumbai suburb of Santacruz. What a moment !!! I actually dropped my ciggy !! From then on deciding to first check for any sign of Indians around before opening the mouth.

Back at the hotel, we changed and were back at the beach with our last evening in Langkawi, we did para sailing on the beach. One moment which just cannot be described in words.Up in the air with amazing sunset in background. It was like all PAISA VASOOL. Sunset again didn't disappoint us with magnificent shades of sunset I could ever capture in my lens.  We squeezed some time to visit famous Langkawi underwater aquarium which has numerous species of sea, multicolored corals and Jackass Penguins.


Next morning, it was time for world famous cable car ride in Langkawi, At oriental village at 10am which is base for cable car journey in Langkawi. Again as in Genting, journey was amazing in cable car at at height of 700 feet above sealevel, We were in clouds. View was just awesome.Again we had little disappointment with suspension bridge between two mountains was closed for maintenance.But  our journey was full of so much excitement and fun that it was overlooked. And Shriks rightly said visit to suspension bridge and capturing those first moments with life partners in future would be one  excuse to come back again here.
With total of 2300 pics captured and infinite memorable moments in heart. I bid au revoir to Shriks who flew to Singapore directly to meet his fiance and while I write this blog, he is back home in London. I flew to KL where I did my last minute shopping and also was able to visit Petronas twin tower in the morning for which I got up quite early, I was was standing in queue half asleep at 5am for spot tickets.

My journey was about to end but not without some anticlimax incident at KL airport where AirAsia would not allow my oversized baggage unless I paid excess luggage charge. So moving some luggage to my hand luggage and standing in queue 4times to make sure it was within limits !!! 

Only to find that after my luggage was gone, Airasia crew would not allow my purchases made from dutyfree shops at Langkawi in hand luggage saying this should have gone with your checkin luggage and not in hand luggage. Loosing my cool and with some hot arguments and intervention from security staff, I was finally allowed and I bid adios to Malaysia.

One hell of a memorable trip finally coming to an end.

Kuala Lumpur was so vibrant, so exciting, so much to see and experience.
Genting Highland was awesome and unbelieveable with unlimited fun.
Langkawi was one enchanting and mesmerising trip.